Wolfy is a sweet little werewolf who was bullied as a child by other werewolves because of his colour. On 22 September 2008, Wolfy was drawn to the Wolfpack-Power team, because of their logo, with which the little werewolf was able to identify.

Wolfy then lived in Wolfpack-Power’s offices for a while, where he watched films from the company’s portfolio while grazing on mini salamis and Mexican chilli, and where he helped rate demos and guarded the office against robbers. He was also a great figurehead for the company and was paid in kind with his favourite food: Mexican chilli. Today, Wolfy still loves to stand in front of the camera as a model.

As a werewolf, Wolfy is half wolf, which, of course, has its disadvantages – he’s not very friendly to the postman, for example! Wolfy has also already had to be treated for fleas and… let’s not forget his visits to the vet! “Vet” – Wolfy can’t stand the word!

Wolfy has two siblings. His parents are currently living in America, where they’ve starred as werewolves in well-known Hollywood productions.

Since WP Entertainment’s takeover of Wolfpack-Power e.K., Wolfy has been its passionate mascot.

In 2011, he was victorious in a Yatzi duel against King of the Sheep Tobi in the great battle against the sheep, since when he’s been a Men in Green (MIG) agent. Officially, he’s “Agent 85”, but his friends continue to call him by his name, except for Agent X, who calls him “Agent Fluffy”.

Christmas 2012, Wolfy had to stand in for Father Christmas and save Christmas.


  • MIG agent since 2011
  • Left Lykanien at a very young age
  • At 1.70m, smallest living lycanthrope
  • Often very afraid
MIG Agent Wolfy